Week Reads #2: Giving is true belonging

Links of stuff/news/anything interesting for this week and a bit of rambling from me!

FYI: @ = referring to that person/blog

List of awesome stuff I came across!

Rare Sand Kitten born, so very cute!

Bad-ass Female Action Heroes (I totally agree with number 10 Captain Janeway! Ahh the good ol’ days when I watched Star Trek…)

-Reading Jazz Lassie’s post on “Live Life with Meaning?”, it made me remember about the TED talk from Eve Ensler and her quote saying “You have to give to the world the thing that you want the most, in order to fix the broken parts inside of you.” Very inspirational.

I think in a sense in order for something to truly “belong” to you is to give it away, because if it truly is in your heart you won’t be afraid to give it away because you’ll always have it. Physical things in this world will disappear after a while and the possessions we own will mean nothing after death. However things such as love, respect, care, kindness, are priceless and not matter how much you give, it will always exist even after you leave. Indeed there are times when people will take advantage of  you when you give them your sincerity (hence heartbreaks and betrayal happens), but even if they hurt you, as long as you hang in there, the priceless traits you didn’t selfishly hide will always stay with you. They will be the ones that lose the sincerity (they will lose your trust and respect, perhaps from others as well), but not you; never lose sincerity no matter what people do (haters will be haters). I don’t think I’m making any sense right now, but I hope I gave a general idea of what I meant! ><

On the not-so bright side

-The London Riot. Really… it puts humanity in shame. However there is this one story of lesson. (I read this article in Chinese so I don’t think I’ll be linking it here!) A young girl (an aspiring singer) joined the riot and she destroyed a police car. Her mother saw her deeds on television and phoned the police that her daughter was the one that demolished the car. When she was interviewed whether she felt remorse for turning her daughter in, she firmly and without hesitation answered “No.” it was because she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson, to tell her what she did was wrong. The girl was brought to justice; sadly this will be added to her criminal record, what will be of her future? If you guys read that, what do you think of the issue?


There is a twitter for “Fat Pikachu”, all the tweets are, “Pikachu” or some variation of it; this Pikachu is constantly is eating/hungry/asking for food! I am charged guilty for following this Cute Yellow Beast! You think he’ll spare me some candy? Sharing is caring after all!

Violet’s Personal Bubble

Just a quick rambling on what happened to me this week!

It’s been pretty lazy just gaming and levelling my toons, but I kind of look forward to next week. Although I have to get a root canal Monday, I get to go shopping with my mom! I haven’t done that in ages, I think it’ll be fun!


I’ve come across a lot of lovely blogs this week and one of my favourite ones is “A Quirky Girl’s Thoughts” I read her posts on shyness and I fell in love with her blog. Her cute email icon makes me want to email her, but I think need something proper to ask before bothering her!  As a shy/introverted person (although somehow I manage to be quite crazy at times) I can totally relate.

–I was not able to find Lisa’s balloons, I am very sad :[.

I’ve also learned a few new words from scrabble, which I found pretty cool! Is it just the nerdy-me that likes to play games like Scrabble (even though I suck at it), or are there other people that are secretly in love with that game?

Oh yea, smiling and dancing and singing a song at the top of my lungs around the house is really fun!

I hope everyone had a lovely week and hopefully next week will be a nice fresh new start!


PS. I love this song, it’s been stuck in my head all day!