The Meaning of your name: Urban Dictionary style!

I think at some point in our lives most of us has wondered why we were given our names and what they mean.

My name is Violet which has the meaning of “a purple flower”, it’s nothing fancy like “Naida” meaning water nymph or “Nancy” meaning grace or favoured by god, but… I still love my name! However it does have a somewhat interesting history. I’ve always wanted a name where the meaning was something cool like “A Female Warrior” or “Strong character”, something like that.

Well to spice things up, I remember a friend of mine had used Urban Dictionary to find the meaning of my name and they were pretty awesome!

(I took the ones I like, there was more of course. I sound like a pretty awesome person eh?) 

Of course it’s just some random fun; some of them are pretty funny to read and made no sense at all (some names mentioned pancakes and wild animals…)! However I find it pretty cool to read about what Urban Dictionary has to say about my name.

Have you searched your name on Urban Dictionary? If you haven’t give it a try!

What does your name mean (Urban Dictionary Style)?


Happy with my name,



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